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Context and objectives


A world leader in equipment rental wishes to evaluate the opportunity to implement a TMS solution to manage and optimize its own fleet, but also to manage its subcontractors.



  • Identify the architecture of the Transportation information system
  • Assessing the issues and impact of a TMS solution
  • Take into account the specifications of the equipment rental business
  • Present the target solution in order to prioritize the project in the following year’s budgets

Approach adopted by adameo

  • On-site exposure in order to understand the specificities of the activity
  • Identification of the efficiency of existing activities (own and subcontracted transport, forwarder, carrier, etc.)
  • Definition of Transport IS scenarios (existing ERP , additional functionalities in SAAS mode, selection of a TMS)
  • Evaluation of the savings and impacts associated with each scenario
  • Selecting the most suitable scenario
  • Definition of an action plan to reach the Transport IS target with the associated ROI


  • Project validated by the general management with a 3-year implementation plan
  • ROI target after 1 year
  • 500 vehicles, 1,000,000 transport requests
  • 50M€ budget related logistics to be optimized