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The Human Supply Chain

AMBITION: let’s succeed together in transforming your Supply Chain, in all its dimensions.

BELIEF: technological revolutions are first and foremost human (r)evolution.

APPROACH: cross-business expertise, tools, technology and HR to reduce your time-to-market.

PORTRAIT: optimists who keep their feet on the ground.

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Hybrid advice

We are on the field alongside our clients to help them match strategy and operational challenges.

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We are pure players in the Supply Chain sector, which means we can manage operations, HR, IS, IA…

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We innovate, optimize and understand technologies to build a more agile and responsive organization.

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We identify your talents and develop your teams to ensure their success and that of the company.

Crisis and disruption of Supply Chain, and after?

Discover our expert’s opinion

Lab by adameo

A real accelerator.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses,” Henry Ford.

Innovation is THE lever that makes it possible to anticipate and transform on the long-term: the lab by adameo explores the future of the Supply Chain by integrating new technologies and their uses.

586 projects carried out
85 lively minds
94 satisfied customers
736 smiles
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