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Our vision


When facing the transformation of society and organizations, we stay resolutely optimistic.

New consumer expectations disrupt the whole Supply Chain and we help our clients to adapt quickly.


Full of strong convictions, we converge our resources and ideas to improve our clients, partners and ourselves. adameo is a dynamic company, experiencing a strong development and is continuously improving itself. Our participative way of working fosters autonomy, creativity and cross-functionality.

notre vision du conseil en supply chain

Skills and expertise

We are a team of 85 experts constantly seeking results. Thus, we switch between the different professions, technologies, and tools to be the most pragmatic and operational.


+ Listen to our clients and brainstorm together

+ Explore all possibilities, beyond the first problematic

+ Promote the culture of feedback and knowledge sharing

+ Get involved in the human adventure

notre vision du conseil en supply chain

Understanding of the stakes 

We put clients expectations and problematics at the center of our thinking by building tailor-made operational, technological and HR solutions. We undertake actions on the entire Supply Chain with a collaborative approach.


It has always been about deploying solutions created with our clients across their company by relying on our ecosystem of partners, which is a source of innovation (start-ups, software publishers, freelancers, experts, institutions…)