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We provide training to accelerate the evolution of our clients.

There is a persistent lack of skills in the fields of transport, logistics and Supply Chain. We are targeting companies that wish to train their teams.

One word: tailor-made

We update and enhance the skills of your experienced teams through tailor-made and qualifying training that accompanies your company’s strategy and key projects.

Our approach is focused on satisfying your needs for new skills, before or in addition to our consulting projects.


  • In which project does this training take place and with what objective?
  • What is the culture and practices of the company to take into account?
  • What is the content and methodology to be developed according to the concerned audiences?
  • Should a skills benchmark be built?
  • What are the validations of learning to be done at the end of training?
  • How to maximize the receptivity of participants to delivered messages?


Our trainers work in professional training organizations, and in renowned business and engineering schools.

TARGET POPULATION: executives, managers and agents with high mastery of Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain, and even other functions of the company.


EXAMPLES OF MISSION: taking up a position in Supply Chain Management; Transport Managers training course; Transport and Logistics contracting and subcontracting; Logistics and IS project management; driving Supply Chain innovation.