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Our technology partners

To support you in your intralogistics projects, adameo has developed an ecosystem of technology partners offering easily deployable and usable solutions, for all budgets, to address all automation issues.


Pioneer and world leader in cubic storage, Autostore has been developing the densest robotic solution for warehousing and micro-ordering in the world since its creation in 1996.

Autostre is an innovative and simple storage system. With nearly two decades of development, Autostore has created revolutionary logic algorithms, flexible movement systems and intelligent bin management procedures with a focus on speed, stability and control.

Autostore is a highly configurable modular system and all installations are made up of standardised modules. However, there are no standard installations and no standards customers. An installation can be composed of 3 robots or more than 300, with 1000 bins or mare than 500 000. Each solution deployed is tailored to the constraints of the customer’s building and their productivity challenges.

Boa Concept

Founded in 2012, BOA Concept® is an innovative e-commerce acceleratorand intralogistics specialist, listed on the Euronext Growth market. Led by a team of 50 people, one third of which is dedicated to R&D, BOA Concept® is based on the values of Flexibility, Reactivity and Innovation.

BOA Concept® installations are based on the principle of intelligent objects (IOT). Thanks to their embedded intelligence, their installations have convinced big names in logistics and e-commerce in France, Western Europe and Morocco. Thanks to the ease of reuse of its made-in-France solutions, the company is fully in line with its CSR policy.

Based on a modular and easy to implement design, BOA Concept® democratises access to automation by offering a range of intellignet modular Plug-and-Carry® convoyers for light and heavy loads as well as a Plug-and-Store® robotic storage system.